Gucci Nouveau Fringe Bag, Made To Grab Attention In Every Way

The Gucci Designer Nouveau Fringe bag that is takes its inspiration from the iconic Gucci Bamboo bag has a chic new twist to it that makes it a definite showstopper.

Gucci's Creative Director was inspired by the Art Nouveau movement for this line and that explains all the fringes and tassels but the iconic elegant bamboo symbol was not left aside either. This haute Gucci replica shoulder bag is the perfect example for what the SS14 line is all about. It is amazing to see how even though this bag took inspiration from a flap shoulder bag model from 1940, thanks to the new twists on the classic and creativity it now looks like a modern brand new bag.
The extra-long undulating fringes of these Gucci knockoff handbags add fluidity and movement with every step you take making it impossible for this new Gucci replica not to grab attention everywhere you go. It also features a matching pair of tassels to its left which also beautifully swing and add to the dynamic effect and sass.

With these Gucci handbags the distinctive Gucci bamboo handle has more of a ornamental purpose. You can see it stitched on the top of the bag and there is also a matching bamboo clasp. But what the bamboo ornaments do is add extra chicness to the bag and make it even more eye-catching.

But don’t worry, this bag is not only about looks! The very handy and comfortable shoulder strap makes the Gucci replica Nouveau Fringe also very easy to wear. If you’re petite it is probably a good idea to put it on the shortest strap adjustment. This bag works well for daily wear but just as good for the evening because it will sway in the rhythm you want it to sway!

The best replica Gucci Nouveau Fringe bag I found is in this black smooth pebbly leather. I like the suede cachemire and laminated python models as well, but I haven’t found a satisfying replica yet. I'll let you know if I do!