about some brand handbags

Some women have different handbag to coordinate with each outfit; other women prefer one trusty handbag that holds all their essential items. handbag and purses are more than a functional accessory, or even a fashion statement. They are a measure of a womans wealth and prestige, much like men view watches. Actresses and musicians have added to this phenomenon. They are often photographed as fashionistas and their handbag instantly become a must-have. A woman's choice of bag says a lot about her style and personality. There are dozens of bag makers to choose from some American-based and some foreign. Most handbag manufacturers carry an assortment of styles from over-the-shoulder handbag to clutches, but they each have a distinct style.
American Handbag Makers

Coach Leatherware and Dooney & Bourke are two American companies that make fashionable purses in leather, their signature fabric, and other materials. Their handbag can be classified as affordable luxury because they are high-quality, stylish purses but at a reasonable price. Coach was founded in 1941 in New York City and introduced its first tanned leather bag in 1962. Its famous duffle sac was launched in 1973. Dooney & Bourke was founded in 1975 in Connecticut.
Kate Spade and Juicy Couture are younger American companies started by women. Kate Spade purses were launched in 1993 with practical, yet elegant designs. Since that time, she has received numerous accessory designer-of-the-year awards. Two women in California founded Juicy Couture in 1994 as a designer T-shirt business. It grew into a clothing line, entered the handbag market in 2002 and was bought by Liz Claiborne, Inc. in 2003. One strategy that has helped Juicy to rise quickly in the designer handbag market was inviting famous actresses and singers to shop for free.
European Handbag Designers

Fendi, started in Rome in 1925 as a small workshop, has grown into a fashion empire known around the world. In the 1960s the classic Fendi style was combined with cutting edge innovation and the brand became a leader in the fashion world. With shows like Sex and the City displaying Fendi handbag, its popularity grew even more.
Likewise, owning a Gucci handbag is considered a status symbol. According to tophandbags.ru, Gucci brand is one of the most recognized logos and brands worldwide. In 1920, Guccio Gucci open his first store in Italy carrying luggage and accessories. He died before the company opened the first store in New York City in 1953. Today, the company is publicly traded and owned entirely by investors.
Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior are two well-known French designers. Louis Vuitton is known for strikingly classic designs and the LV logo. Vuitton was born in 1821 and opened his first store in 1854. The Vuitton designs have remained in the family for five generations. Christian Dior opened his first shop in Paris in 1946 and died in 1956.
Burberry is a British company founded in 1856 that developed Gabardine, a breathable, waterproof fabric that evolved into the first trench coat in 1914. Today, the company sells clothing for men, women and children, purses and accessories.
Cost of purses

Designer handbag can cost into the thousands of dollars. Most of the pricey handbag are high-quality products made with fine leather and other materials, such as brass hardware. The manufacturers use hand-finishing techniques that allow a higher level of craftsmanship. But, clearly the bag did not cost thousands to make, so for the most part, the purchaser is paying for the brand name.
Consumers are also paying big because the designer companies have expensive marketing and imaging campaigns. Makers of handbag often use ad campaigns with the top actresses or models. This helps them brand the handbag as elite, stylish and must-haves. However, it comes at a cost which adds to the overhead.
There are cheaper alternatives for some handbag, called knockoffs. Many people try to re-create the most famous handbag for a fraction of the cost then sell them on the streets. According to Hilary Fashion, the most commonly counterfeited handbag are Kate Spade, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Prada and Burberry. The replicas undermine the credibility of the real thing, so the luxury brands tend to fight back against the imposters with costly lawsuits. This is one more cost that gets passed along, as least in part, to the consumer. Louis Vuitton and other designer handbag makers take counterfeiting seriously. Many of the designers only sell their products through the companys stores and Web site. That makes it easier for consumers to know whether or not they are purchasing a knockoff bag.