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Designer valentino handbags wholesale, cheap Valentino Bags from china, Valentino's full name is Clemente Ludovico Garavani. He was born in Italy in 1932. At the age of 17 he moved to Paris to pursue his passion for fashion and started studying at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. Valentino worked in many prestigious fashion houses before opening his own: he designed at Jacques Fath, Balenciaga, Jean Desses and Guy Laroche. In 1959 Valentino decided to move back to Italy and opened his own fashion house and boutique in Rome. His signature at that time was the red dress which even created a term Valentino red (rosso Valentino). In 1960-ties Valentino had earned status of luxury Italian fashion designer and his clientele featured such prominent names as Jacqueline Onasis, Elizabeth Taylor, Marella Agnelli and other. His success was secured by the extremely successful collection in white (featuring the famous V brand design). Designer retired from the fashion world business in January 23, 2008.

Valentino purses are as special as his other haute couture work. It is all about luxury, beauty and femininity. Most of handbags by Valentino are ultimately feminine, often featuring flower designs – they are epitomes of feminine beauty and fantasy, such as Valentino Petal Tote or the Rose Vertigo Shopper. Glamorous is the right word to describe Valentino purse or tote The Glamorous Tote embodies everything that Valentino stands for. Never buy Valentino replica – get genuine Valentino floral purse, for example the Cassis bag..