You will have to bear with me while I get back into the fast lane of writing on here. I Have been trundling along on a happy sabbatical from covering Fashion since having my son Horatio just over a year ago. As a result I have become a fashion spectator, detachedly gazing at the river of information, trends and happenings as they bob on by, and revelling in my cut-off from the catwalks state. No more. My inner professional and outward fashionista is clawing to get back on the beat, and here I am with the Haute Couture going on in Paris, with a relatively done story, but one that I nonetheless need to write about.I LOVE these earrings. This fact in itself makes me feel good. I'd forgotten what it felt like to have an irrational crush on a fashion thing that I will make great efforts to own. The slight shame in this (and all new mothers will attest to this time lag in knowledge), they first came out LAST JUNE.But here you have it; a double bauble, or as the French would have it asymmetric boules; inspired by tribal piercings (a bit like what I see coming out of my local tattoo parlour  in Camden Lock speared through someones outsize lobe) the smaller orb sits at the front. Essentially, these are virginal pearl stud earrings for the good girl gone a tiny bit bad.They were initially part of Christian Dior's pre-fall costume jewellery collection for 2013, and were created not by Raf Simons but the fab Dior accessories designer Camille Miceli.

Where I don't feel slightly pink-cheeked about my lateness to this game, is that these little power boules are currently in the thick of their own bestselling fashion moment. In December, following a further delivery of multiple colours added to the range at retail, and dovetailing with the trend for wearing single dramatic ear-cuffs, and the other for asymmetric hair styling, they sold out across Europe. And I'm not just saying that, the woman at Dior on Sloane Street told me not ten minutes ago ,the colours are sold out across Europe, but we have the white ones - shall I put a pair aside for you? I would like the monochrome pair just below these words.

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