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Bags On Sale / Prada handbags / Designer Brand

One of very well known Prada bags was the Fairy Bag. It was designed in collaboration with James Jean and was a big hit. The Fairy bag featured iconic art print on a deer leather bag. This romantic purse was sold in two sizes. And of course it was a limited edition. Following this success there have been released several print purses of equal design and value.
Many celebs have been spotted carrying beautiful handbags and totes from this label. Hillary Duff is known to have many Prada handbags, also Katie Holmes has been carrying gorgeous totes. The Fairy Bag is know to be owned by Jennifer Love Hewitt, Bee Schaeffer, Catherine Deneuve and other celebrities.

Prada also was founded initially as a small family circle business. The founder was Mario Prada, who started it all in 1913 together with his brother. What is a fun fact - Mario did not think women were to participate in the family business, but after his passing away they were Prada family women (Luisa Prada and later Miuccia Prada) that took over the business and managed it quite well. Today Prada is one of the major fashion players in the market and they sell many luxury and icon status fashion products as clothing, handbags an other accessories, travel bags, shoes, perfumes and also hats.


Lambertson Truex Bags, Luxury handbags

Lambertson Truex is a true luxury leather goods company. The company was founded in 1999 by Richard Lambertson and John Truex and quickly conquered hearts of fashion conscious people around the globe. Clean lines, elegance, chic designs and ultimate quality leathers (ostrich, crocodile, snake and lizard) and materials make these bags and other leather articles almost timeless. The brand's designers have stated that “the texture is the soul of the accessory”, therefore they use only the finest leathers available. They also pay attention to details and interior of the handbags and their bags feature cell phone pockets and key chains to make these bags comfortable to use.The company also made shoes and small leather items, such as belts, gloves both for men and women.

The brand was known for their impeccable quality and luxurious leathers and they also had received several awards for their work, such as ACE Award for Best New Accessories Designer and American Fashion Award for Accessory Designer of the Year (2000). The economic crisis made its corrections in the fashion market and the brand was sold to the luxury retailer Tiffany and Co. And both talented designer were again hired to continue their famous luxury purse manufacturing under the Tiffany's name. It turned out to be quite a successful cooperation and new luxury purses collections are very well received.


Designer Coach handbags and Michael Kors handbags for sale

Since they are essential to ladies now, replica handbags require lots of assumed, and also, you are by no means ample! A ladies handbag is essential almost every achievable situation or to complement any achievable costume so a girl by no means has got to go wherever without because doing so is not going to complement.

Handbags are some of the most critical portions of a our costume now, although just a couple of generations before they seldom existed truly. They replicate the current way of life, which happens to be fast paced and constantly on the ambiance, and also by going for cheap replica handbags along with them a modern day human being can be sure that they??ve everything they are able to have to have along with them all of the time of day time.

The eye-catching look and elegant appeal of the Michael Kors handbags catch the attention of everybody and its all due to its better quality and modern designing. Today, they have achieved a great identification everywhere. Well, designer bags are always in high demand but Michael Kors bags are one of the hottest collection and choice of every woman. There are various retailers who offer original bags at discounted prices as compare to others who are busy in selling fake ones. The reliable Michael Kors bags are highly fabricated by using finest quality leather and under the attention of qualified designers.
If you want to choose Coach replica handbags then you can visit topbagzone shop that is just what you are searching for. Here, you will get fabulous replicas of the reliable handbags. They use very best materials to prepare these well-designed replica bags.
An ideal replica handbag must be prepared of almost the same with the unique designer handbag. It is discomfited to found a replica bag. It??s quite known that that the replica production technology extends and the replica bags are fabricated in the same design and quality. However, you must be aware of fake one??s who makes you fool very cleverly by selling fake products.


Michael Kors HandBags On Sale ,wholesale Luxury Purses, designer handbags

Cheap Michael Kors handbags on sale this brand's luxury purses and accessories are also one sale on Fashionkey's wholesale site, Almost the whole line of purses is fabulous and desirable. 
The most admirable feature about Kors bags is the ease with which the glamour is combined with wearability. This brand has proven its ability to produce high quality leather handbags that are functional, attractive and do not cost crazy sums of money. Also if there is a chance to get a Michael Kors handbags on sale - be sure there will be something you have always wanted to have. As all designers, also this brand is paying attention to customers needs and his bags are highly demanded, and it also applies to the product pricing, so there are also discounted Michael Kors handbags. Go to the official web page of the brand to find out more about new deals and see which one handbag fits you best.
This is one of those fashion stores where you can walk in for a complete makeover - dresses, shoes, watches, purses, gloves, earrings, fragrances and more await you. If you know what exactly are you looking for then the choice is very generous. But if you feel overwhelmed by the possible combinations to choose from. you should pick the Must haves or the Season's edits, which have been carefully selected to create a unique MK characteristic style.  

Michael Kors (born Karl Anderson) is one of the leading American fashion designers. After studies in Fashion Institute of Technology Kors started designing women clothes to sell in the high-end New York shops. He parallely worked as a creative director in Celine fashion house. He launched his first line of men fashion in 2002 and left Celine in 2003 to concentrate on his own fashion brand. Michael Kors brand sells fashion items for men and women, including clothing, accessories, shoes, watches, perfumes as well as home decoration items, such as bed linens. The new collections have all you can wish for season's looks.
If there is one brand that is seen everywhere - that is this one. You can see young girls and grandmothers, fashionistas, office workers and housewives carrying a MK bag proudly - no doubt this is the affordable Louis Vuitton of today.
And the brand indeed has find a niche to make the statement in the bag market by offering classic and also feminine styles. They manage to produce many gorgeous fashion handbags. MK is an expert in making beautiful, functional, stylish and affordable purses. 

Michael Kors bags on sale
Michael Kors is a true master of handbags. On the streets you will see a lot of city bags for busy women, as well as you will find many clutches from this brand at celebrity events and fashion shows. Whatever is you desire, this fashion label has it covered for you. There are cute purses for teenage girls, classic work bags for business women and soft leather shoppers for grand moms.

Also what can be said about this brand is that it falls into the category of the affordable luxury, meaning that they can be purchased at an affordable price range, which goes from 100 USD - to 500 USD. The brand's core web page is also very useful for bargain hunters - the sale section has quite a few purses, from city totes (the brand's specialty and area of expertise) to gorgeous clutches in variety of shades. So if you have decided to spend extra bucks on a new purse, be sure to check the Michael Kors bags on sale.

In the regular shopping section you will find a large variety of different satchels and hobo purses. For example the Grayson Large Satchel in Leopard print is sold at 548 USD. This bag is very roomy and inside there are comfortable pockets. Leather is calf printed in leopard pattern. The purse also has a deep brown leather trim. Hardware is golden. The closure is the traditional zip closure. The purse's dimensions are 10" (height) x 14" *width) x 7.5 " (depth). It is sold also via label's internet shop.

Although for some time the black and white was not so much celebrated in the handbag world, it is back now. And honestly why not? Take a look at the Weston fold over clutch in the new collection. It is made in gorgeous pebbled leather in black and white color. It has a fold over top. Inside you will find four pockets and six slots for cards. Closure is zip closure. The size is 6.5" height x 11.5" width and depth is 0.7" depth. It costs USD 218.

Very juicy colors, bright and contemporary designs are ruling this season.
This purse is made in canvas with beautiful leather trims. Inside is canvas lined. Purse has double shoulder straps and be carried in palm.


Fendi handbags for sale, cheap Fendi handbags wholesale

Cheap Fendi handbags for sale, Designer Fendi handbags wholesale, Fendi baguette bags have been all time celebrity handbags from their first day on shelves. From the beginning Fendi was mainly into bag business but later after their breathtaking success in the fashion world the brand expanded and today they are under the LVMH group of companies. This label is another Italian high end fashion brand and the business as many Italian fashion businesses was started by a family. At first the brand was mainly into furs and leather accessories business, but seeing the high demand for Fendi leather bags and baguettes, as well as other articles, the brand develped further and today company is successful at men and women clothing, belts, Fendi eyewear, watches, perfumes and neckties. This label even has the Fendi Casa line. The company itself was established in 1925 in Rome.

Brand's purses have the elegant forever Black PU line. The more traditional is the messenger bag, baguette and pochette as well as plenty more of the Italian designer bags to make your mind for. Fendi Spy bag is the most popular handbag from this brand. View the Spybag in the designer bag sale. Fendi Selleria bag is a new addition to famous tote bags line.You can go to the brand's web page to read more information about how these purses are made and how carefully the hardware and other details are chosen to deliver a truly remarkable and top quality product in all senses of the word.


Louis Vuitton Replica Outlet 8 Things You Dont Know

We already brought you part one of our list of 15 things you probably did not know about Louis Vuitton, and now we're back with part two! Check out eight more fascinating facts about the louis vuitton replica brand and the man behind it that you definitely (probably) did not know below. You might be surprised by what you find out!
Number Eight: Louis Vuitton Replica Bags Are Immune to the Elements
Most elements, anyway. They have been constructed to be both waterproof and fireproof, which partially explains their hefty price tag.
Number Seven: There Are Never any LV Discounts
This is unfortunate but true. No Louis Vuitton merchandise is ever placed on sale. However, that's not to say that the prices are the same everywhere.
Number Six: Leftover Merchandise Is Destroyed
To maintain their status as one of the world's most exclusive brands, LV destroys all leftover merchandise at the end of the year. The merchandise is either shredded or burnt - the fireproof bags must be shredded.
Number Five: Every Bag Takes an Entire Week to Make
Again, another reason for the price tag. Since they are genuinely handmade, every bag requires approximately one week to construct to perfection.
Number Four: The Replica Handbags Are Less Expensive in France
LV replica bags are nearly twice as expensive in China as they are in France. So if you're ever in France and spot a horde of Chinese tourists buying a bunch of Louis Vuitton replica bags, now you know why!
Number Three: The Chewy Vuitton Debacle
Known as the 'Chewy Vuitton' case, LV sued Hate Diggity-Dog, a brand of dog toys, for alleged trademark infringement. However, Vuitton didn't win the lawsuit.
Number Two: The Bags Go Through Hell and High Water Before Hitting the Stores
And we mean that quite literally. Every single bag is dropped from a distance of half a meter and with 3.5 kg of weight in it for four days before it can be sent off for sale. The bags are also subjected to ultraviolet light (to ensure it won't fade) and the zippers are zipped and unzipped 5,000 times to make sure they're user-friendly.
Number One: The Brand Made the Only Non-Chanel Replica Bag That Coco Ever Carried
Coco Chanel was notorious for only carrying Chanel replica bags - except for one. The one bag she carried that wasn't part of the Chanel Outlet brand was Vuitton's Alma bag. We hope you enjoyed our list of 15 things you didn't know about Louis Vuitton UK!