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One of very well known Prada bags was the Fairy Bag. It was designed in collaboration with James Jean and was a big hit. The Fairy bag featured iconic art print on a deer leather bag. This romantic purse was sold in two sizes. And of course it was a limited edition. Following this success there have been released several print purses of equal design and value.
Many celebs have been spotted carrying beautiful handbags and totes from this label. Hillary Duff is known to have many Prada handbags, also Katie Holmes has been carrying gorgeous totes. The Fairy Bag is know to be owned by Jennifer Love Hewitt, Bee Schaeffer, Catherine Deneuve and other celebrities.

Prada also was founded initially as a small family circle business. The founder was Mario Prada, who started it all in 1913 together with his brother. What is a fun fact - Mario did not think women were to participate in the family business, but after his passing away they were Prada family women (Luisa Prada and later Miuccia Prada) that took over the business and managed it quite well. Today Prada is one of the major fashion players in the market and they sell many luxury and icon status fashion products as clothing, handbags an other accessories, travel bags, shoes, perfumes and also hats.