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Designer handbags,Cheap Dior bags for sale, Dior bags are absolute beauties. They are as intriguing as the famous designer himself. He was born in France, received education in Ecole des Sciences Politiques. He was also an heir of a fertilizer business. With this background he became one of the most interesting designers of his time.

Dior started his career in 1938 in Paris. After World War II he opened his own fashion house and founded Christian Dior New York, Inc. He intuitively knew that all postwar people wanted was forget the horrors of the war. And he gave them a way to do this with his collection “New Look". Feminine silhouettes, fabulous fabrics, loose skirt – anything except modesty. The rich textures and beautiful colorful palette combined with the luxury fabrics and glam designs, made him the king of design of the time. Feminine beauty was celebrated.

Hollywood bought his charm and such stars as Rita Hayworth soon were among the clients.A bit later he also began designing, bags and other accessories, as well as perfume line.
He has also discovered many talents who have later opened their own fashion brands - Pierre Cardin, Yves Saint Laurent, and Gianfranco Ferre. The chief designer of Dior right now is John Galliano. Dior bags are doing well lately - new shapes, exotic materials and fabulous detailing - they all represent the new look from this fashion house. Dior libertine bag and Delices handbag is a cute romantic handbag in leather. You can also buy these Dior bags online.